Latest email

Dear lovely yogis taking the time to come to class, looking after ourselves and each other, thank you.

Classes as usual this coming week 5-11 Feb. 

Then there is one week break so no classes 12-18 Feb.

Then 6 weeks of all classes 20 Feb to 31 March.

There will be one week and one day break 3-10 April inclusive.

Tuesday 11 April classes continue. 

Weekly classes as follows 

Mondays 9.30-10.30am Northam Hall zoom (Meeting ID 819 4151 4145) and in person

Mondays 11-12 Northam Hall, Gentler class

Tuesdays 9-10.00am Northam Hall Gentler class

Tuesdays 10.30-11.10 Park, whatever the weather standing yoga, dress accordingly

Tuesdays 12.00-1.00pm Northam Hall Seated/wheelchair yoga Run by Rose Hill Community projects, this class is FREE and anyone can just turn up!

Tuesdays 1.30-3.00pm Northam Hall 

Wednesdays  9.45-11.15 Lavington hall, Bideford

Fridays 9.30-11.00 Lavington Hall, Bideford

Northam Hall is not available 13/14 March, for these 2 days we will be in Northam Community centre. Just down the road on the left nearer the town centre. Some parking at this hall, we can also park in Northam Hall and at the car park in Northam.

Price of classes  £5.00 for an hour or £6.00 for hour and half. Park yoga free/donation.

Following my last email questioning class length being reduced to 1.15, there was a majority if favour of keeping the class lengths unchanged. Though if you want to make the class shorter please feel free to arrive late (quietly) or leave early.

I think that’s all, do ask if you have any questions about your practice. I am always at the classes early if you want to chat/discuss health related issues/yoga.

I thank you for my continuing learning. I have also enrolled on a part-time year long course with an inspiring teacher.

With warm wishes


And do let me know if you no longer wish to receive these emails.